Why Choose Us?

Affordable Dentistry for the Entire Family: We know dentistry isn’t the most inexpensive cost in your life, even though it is a necessity. We’ve found that putting off dental care has led to some disastrous dental experiences for our patients that could have easily been avoided if they came in and received minimal care. With that said, we accept insurance, and we have payment options that allow you to run your payments as far as 5 years out.

Raising Cavity-Free Kids Program: We specialize in helping parents raise cavity-free children. We used to blame cavities on too many sweets and poor teeth brushing habits. It used to be the child’s fault. However, those days are over. With improved technology it may be possible to eliminate tooth decay in children. In other words, the unpleasant dental experiences of your youth do NOT have to be repeated on your children. We do everything in our power to make sure you are aware of the specific ways to prevent tooth decay for your child. What that means is you save money and your child remains healthy!

Emergency Service Available: If you ever experience a dental emergency, we will make sure you are seen as soon as possible during our business hours. Simply call us at 317-865-3733 to schedule your same or next day emergency appointment!